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Would you kindly share with me the most technologically advanced product you have used recently? Why do you feel it's technologically advanced?

In what way are you most proud of the project you're most proud of? What made the project so special to you?

How would you determine the appropriate price and method to promote a new brand of shoes, and why?

Describe one failure to meet a metric in the past two years.

How did you resolve a complex problem by breaking it down into smaller components?

Tell me about a time you worked on something that had tremendous impact. What sort of data did you use during decision-making?

Share with me your greatest innovation.

What's your prioritization philosophy for an overcrowded backlog?

What would you do if you had to launch a new product idea?

Think of a product you love. What would you do to make it better if you didn't face any engineering or financial limitations?

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