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Can you describe what draws you to Dream11 and how Dream11 fits in with your career goals and aspirations?

XFN Leadership
How do you ensure that all stakeholders are aware of and understand the roadmap and decision-making process?

People Management
Can you think of a time when your efforts to coach an individual were met with resistance? How did you handle it?

Are there any reasons or factors that have you thinking about moving on from your current position?

What is your process for considering the user impact of a feature when making a decision?

How have you managed conflicts between team members in the past? What methods would you use at Dream11?

People Management
Can you recall a scenario where you had to handle a conflict in the workplace? How would you apply that experience to Dream11?

People Management
Tell me about a time when you used your influence to get things done.

People Management
Could you tell me how you evaluate and gauge your effectiveness as an engineering manager?

People Management
Can you detail your leadership approach, the principles that inform it, and how they align with Dream11?

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