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XFN Leadership
How do you track progress and make adjustments to the roadmap as needed?

In your opinion, what are the best and worst aspects of your current role and why?

What criteria do you use to evaluate the feasibility of a feature?

People Management
How do you follow up on progress and provide feedback on task performance?

How do you earn trust from your team?

What is it that you're looking to gain in this role at Chargebee? Can you describe your ideal work conditions?

Organizational Design
What do you believe are the key components of a successful engineering organization?

Organizational Design
Can you share the team's mission statement with me?

People Management
What's your strategy for resolving team conflicts? Could you walk me through your process for resolving conflicts between team members at Chargebee?

People Management
How did you measure the impact of your mentorship and what were the results?

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