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Share a time when you took the lead on an initiative. How did you handle this? What was the result?

Many customers are reporting the same bug, in which they cannot log in to their tool. You can't reproduce it. What are you going to do next?

Which project are you most proud of? How did you contribute to it? How does it make you proud of yourself?

In your opinion, what is the most technologically advanced product you have used recently? Why is it considered technologically advanced?

What would you consider to be the key phases of launching a new product? What would you consider to be the phases of its lifecycle?

Describe a time that you took a risk?

How would you get more profit from a certain set of customers? How would you make this tradeoff?

Is there a project in which you made an enormous impact? How did you use data to drive your decision making?

Describe a company whose performance, in your opinion, hasn't been very good.

Do you have experience managing a product from conception to release?

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