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A person shows up late to a scheduled weekly meeting every week. How would you handle this?

Tell me about an occasion when you sacrificed a long-term value to accomplish a short-term goal.

Have you ever failed as a product manager? What did you learn from it?

Pick an online service you've been using for a while, suggest a new feature, and how would you decide which detail level the feature should be implemented on?

In 2 minutes, describe what a PM does.

Share a customer feedback-driven feature that you implemented.

Tell us about a time when you prepared a business case? How'd you get started? What was the final outcome?

Tell me about a time when you had to analyze a large amount of data. What insights did you draw?

Where do you see your greatest accomplishment? Why?

Would you like to design a better version of your favorite non-DB product? What would you want to modify to make it better?

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