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When was the last time you worked on a project that multiple powerful stakeholders opposed?

3 months ago

What is your long term product career plan?

8 months ago

Can you tell me what industries and use cases you are most familiar with?

8 months ago

What is one time you had to stand up and disagree with a team member's approach?

9 months ago

Which product do you like? How would you improve it? What metrics would you track for it?

10 months ago

How do you follow up on KPIs?

a year ago

Could you share an example of breaking down a complex issue into smaller parts?

a year ago

What's an online service you've been using for several years? Think of a new feature to improve it. Now design an MVP to invalidate this.

a year ago

Tell us about a time when you had to convince people to work on a thing which they were not interested in.

a year ago

Suggest a new product or business for Amazon. Talk me through how you'd go about launching it?

4 years ago

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