Uber Program Manager Interview Process

Interview Guide Oct 28

Detailed, specific guidance on the Uber Program Manager interview process - with a breakdown of different stages and interview questions asked at each stage

The role of an Uber Program Manager

Uber's commitment to empowering employees globally and addressing various challenges sets the stage for you as a Program Manager. This position not only offers a competitive compensation package but also the opportunity to contribute to Uber's mission of setting the world in motion and solving significant challenges for drivers, riders, delivery partners, and eaters in numerous cities worldwide. 

As a Program Manager, your responsibilities will revolve around providing project management expertise to a cross-functional group of partners. This involves coordinating, planning, and driving compliance obligations across various teams. Here are some key details about the compensation package for this role:

  • Average Total Compensation: $96,888
  • Base Salary: $89,600
  • Stock Grant (per year): $2,406
  • Bonus: $4,881

Uber Program Manager Interview Guide

The Uber Program Manager interview process consists of the following four rounds:

  • Screening with Recruiter
  • Hiring Manager Interview
  • Onsite
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Uber Program Manager - Screening with Recruiter


The first step in the process is a 30-minute screening call with a recruiter. This is essentially a qualifying round where the recruiter assesses your qualifications and gauges your interest in the Program Manager role. They may inquire about your relevant experience and possibly ask some initial questions to determine if you align with the basic requirements for the position. 

Take this as an opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the role and set a positive tone for the subsequent interviews

  • Have a strong pitch ready 
  • Include a memorable detail about yourself
  • Talk about specific past experiences that align with the role and requirements of an Uber program manager.
  • Remember to research the company thoroughly and have insightful questions ready for the interviewers to demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and the organization. 

Uber Program Manager - Hiring Manager Interview


The next stage typically involves a phone or video interview with a hiring manager or a member of the program management team. This interview dives deeper into your program management skills and experience. 

Expect questions that revolve around how you've handled specific program management scenarios in the past. It's crucial to be well-prepared with concrete examples of successful program management initiatives you've led (think: examples that highlight your problem-solving abilities, your ability to manage projects effectively, and your capacity to drive results)

It's not just about showcasing your qualifications but also demonstrating your alignment with Uber's values and your potential to contribute to its mission of setting the world in motion. 

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Uber Program Manager - Onsite Round


The onsite interviews are quite comprehensive and typically begin with a Case Study Panel with four interviewers. You're typically given some time to prepare where you are expected to come up with a stellar presentation and answer follow-up questions. 

Additionally, you'll have four back-to-back interviews with various team members, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. These interviews cover a wide range of topics and competencies, such as:

  • They'll analyze your knowledge of Uber, its various verticals, and products (do some research on Uber's ecosystem before the interview)
  • They'll want to know if you have resilience, problem-solving skills, and adaptability, which means discussing challenging situations you've faced and how you successfully overcame them. You'll need to elaborate on a specific program and how you managed roadblocks leading up to its launch. Highlight your problem-solving skills.
  • You can expect several analysis questions that revolve around the Uber program manager's day-to-day. Be prepared to discuss metrics and strategies. They might inquire about specific Uber products that interest you and how you can improve them. Plus, questions related to how you would establish the Return on Investment (ROI) of support operations. For instance, how you can use your strengths to enhance UberEats as a product and what metrics you'd use to measure performance improvements. 
  • You will be tested for your ability to manage complex processes. This means questions like "How would you set up governance around product launch?
  • They'll delve into your motivations for joining the company (be genuine and align your reasons with Uber's mission and values)
  • Finally, they want to understand your communication style and how you ensure effective communication within a team.

Interview Questions

  • How would you establish a testing framework for a new program?
  • Can you share an experience when you had to present to stakeholders?
  • How do you manage different stakeholders with varying priorities? Could you provide an example of this?
  • Please tell me about Uber, including our other verticals and products.
  • What effective communication methods do you use?
  • Kindly elaborate on the "X" program and how you successfully navigated obstacles leading up to its launch.
  • How would you determine the ROI of support operations?
  • Describe a situation where you faced a challenge and how you overcame it.
  • What motivates you to join the company?
  • Which Uber products interest you and why?
  • Why are you interested in joining Uber?
  • How can you leverage your strengths to enhance UberEats as a product, and what metrics would you use to measure performance improvements?
  • How would you establish governance around product launches?

Uber Program Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Following are the roles and responsibilities of an Uber Program Manager:

  • You'll be responsible for providing project management expertise to a cross-functional group of partners. This involves coordinating, planning, and driving compliance obligations across various teams.
  • You'll play a pivotal role in gathering essential data and using it to develop, validate, and file mandatory reports, including EEO-1 and VETS 4212 reports, and AAPs.
  • Regular communication is vital. You'll prepare and deliver program updates to leadership and maintain project dashboards to monitor and review progress on programs.
  • You'll need to make recommendations to key cross-functional team members to ensure compliance with goals. Your insights will be instrumental in driving the organization forward.
  • You'll be responsible for developing and managing the delivery of training content related to compliance requirements. Ensuring that teams are well-versed in these requirements is essential for Uber's success.
  • Identifying and implementing solutions to enhance organizational processes that drive compliance is a significant part of your role.

Uber Program Manager Skills and Qualifications

Here are the skills and qualifications that an Uber Program Manager must have:

  • The ideal candidate should have at least 5 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  • They should have a proven track record in responding to compliance requirements and audits, especially concerning government compliance requirements and federal contracts audits.
  • Proficiency in program management, which includes tasks like creating playbooks, writing executive summaries, and effectively presenting information to cross-functional partners.
  • Advanced or highly skilled in using tools like Google Suite and Asana, which are often used for project and program management.
  • The ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize competing deadlines successfully.
  • Critical thinking and the ability to anticipate challenges and proactively come up with solutions are also key strengths.
  • A curious and continuously learning attitude is crucial, considering the evolving landscape of program management

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