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A Complete Guide to Quora Data Scientist Interview

Interview Guide Feb 25

The role of a Quora Data Scientist

Data is an integral part of a platform like Quora, where millions of registered users look for answers on various domains. At Quora, data scientists work on complex modeling issues for a product with many different content types, users, incentives, and demands. They perform cutting-edge research and analysis that don't result in academic publications, but rather significant product adjustments and paradigm shifts throughout the organization.

The experimentation systems that serve as the cornerstone for all our decision-making are their responsibility to design and put into operation.

Data scientists at Quora need to work on metrics regarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The goal is to make the platform user-friendly. Quora's data scientist job involves putting effort into products and completing the given data accumulation work.

Using programming language tools, including SQL, Java, and others, are part of the job. A new joinee in the data science team collaborates with a product management team that shares these objectives and is replete with ex-data scientists. Further, they get training on how to use the scientific method to test more successfully and launch more accurately.

How to Apply for Data Scientist Job at Quora?

You can find the job opening on the official website of Quora or LinkedIn, Indeed, and such portals. Before you apply, you can use Prepfully's resume review services to ensure that your CV is job ready. Read further to prepare better before you appear for a Quora data scientist interview.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist at Quora

  • Manage the team of data scientists focusing on driving traffic, keeping high-quality content, and improving the mobile app.
  • Conduct observational data analysis and prioritize the project according to its importance.
  • Develop and facilitate experimentation on as well as off platforms.
  • Work on designing logic for product features, interpret experiments, and help in last-minute product changes.
  • Do exploratory analysis and understand more about the data.
  • Create derived features, and data transformations if needed.

Skill/ Qualifications for Data Scientists in Quora

  • 5+ years of experience in data science jobs in top company
  • Carry a computer science or relevant degree certificate
  • Using advanced tools to run statistics and do coding
  • Using programming languages like Python/SQL, Spark / Presto, and others
  • Statistical competence like A/B Testing, Significance Testing, Regressions Modelling, etc.
  • Familiarity with qualitative methods of research

Quora Data Scientist Interview Guide

As a part of the Quora Data Scientist interview, the candidate will need to go through 3 different rounds:

1. Recruiter call or Phone Screen- The first round is to have a small discussion about your work experiences and the roles you’ve had in the past company.

2. Technical Phone Screen- The second round is to test your data science concepts and SQL and Python-related concepts. This is to check your primary programming language, use of tools, including ML, familiarity with data visualization, and other areas.

3. The third round, which is also the final round, is the on-site interview. Here the candidate will face senior data scientists. It will involve analytical questions and programming Tests, System Design, Cultural Fit, or the Behavioural Round. The Quora data scientist's salary depends on how well-skilled you are and the experience you carry.

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Recruiter Call or Phone Screening


It will be a 20-30 minutes call with non-technical questions. The objective is to check if your skills match the job role requirement. You will face some informal questions about your experiences and skills. When asked, “Tell me about yourself,” add some important points or skills you carry to impress the interviewer to take you to the next round.

Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to join Quora?
  • Why do you think you will be a good fit for the role?
  • What responsibilities do you expect to have from your job at Quora?
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Technical Phone Screen Round


This will be a video-call interview where your technical skills will be tested. You will have an interview with senior data managers and other officials. There will be some questions related to CS and Data Science concepts, along with some coding problems and questions related to Python and SQL. There might also be some questions about your work experience, and you might have to answer some technical questions related to data science. You might also get a take-home assignment before this interview round based on data analysis.

You'll be asked to write several SQL queries during your interview. They'll give you a general structure, and you'll start writing queries that are more and more intricate.

Interview Questions

  • How to deal with highly correlated variables?
  • What was your experience working with programming languages such as Python/SQL?
  • How do you choose the right number of predictors?
  • Which techniques (that are relevant for Data Science) did you use in that scientific work?
  • How would you investigate the success of a button?
  • How would you test the effect of a new change to the product on a group of highly active users?
  • What metrics would you want to use to evaluate the algorithm (related to question recommendation)?
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On-Site Interview Round


The final round of interviews is divided into different sections including-

  • System Design
  • Behavioral Test
  • Data Analysis Interview

Below is the brief of each-

System Design

Here, you will need to design a large-scale system, and the interviewer will look at your line of reasoning. Include such ideas in your practice job interviews because your SQL expertise will also be checked.

Behavioral Test

There will be a thorough discussion of your experiences in this round. Be prepared to answer some behavioral inquiries about your prior endeavors and successes.

Data Analysis Interview

There will be questions on data analysis as well as some general facts. These queries could be posed using various data science, statistics, Python, and other topics.

Interview Questions

  • Design a globally distributed key-value store
  • Given a particular scenario, mention the SQL queries
  • Tell me a time when you disagreed with your co-worker or boss.
  • Describe a process that you made better using a simple solution.
  • Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with your team and how you handled it.
  •  What is Principal Component Analysis?
  • What is regression? Which models can you use to solve a regression problem?
  • What is overfitting?
  • What is classification? Which models would you use to solve a classification problem?

Interview Tips

When you are preparing for interview questions, do follow the few mentioned tips below-

  • Be prepared to practice and implement coding including SQL and general coding during the Quora Data Scientist interview.
  • Get yourself some resources to gain practice in algorithms, data analysis, evaluation metrics, and other areas
  • Be confident about your knowledge, and what you have done, with evidence to back it up.
  • Carry basic math knowledge along with working on machine learning algorithms
  • Be with the insight of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.
  • Be clear with your technical knowledge required to fit into the role of data scientist job at Quora. If you are undergoing the technical screen interview, ensure you have practice in advance.

Summing it up

If everything goes smoothly and you show how good you are with the general presentation and level of knowledge, you will get the call soon for the next step. Once you are on board, enjoy working at the skilled platform.

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