Intuit Product Manager


The role of an Intuit Product Manager

Product management is a job that entails developing and selling products with the goal of increasing revenue, earnings, and profit margins. A product manager is in charge of assessing business conditions, managing product development, and determining the effectiveness of their product. The amount of decision-making involved in the process is one aspect that complicates a PM's job. The interviews are difficult since they cover a wide range of topics and include a variety of questions.

Intuit is looking for candidates with product management experience in building large-scale platforms, as well as a deep technical understanding of those platforms balanced with customer empathy, strong execution capability, and a track record of developing strong business partnerships and delivering impactful business results. As a product manager, you will be able to address business-critical challenges with cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the open-source community, and lead innovation both within and outside of Intuit.

The following interview guide will walk you through the process of interviewing for a Product Manager position at Intuit, providing you with a variety of tips and practice questions to help you stand out.

Interview Guide

The interview process starts with an online application to the company's career page or with the help of a recruiter via LinkedIn. The process usually takes 4-5 weeks, but it can take longer. The following procedures are included:

  • Call with a recruiter
  • Take-home Assignment
  • On-site interview (held virtually in special cases)

Round 1


The first stage entails a casual conversation with an Intuit recruiter. The recruiter calls are a time for the recruiter to learn more about your background and résumé, so prepare by doing a brief evaluation of your current set of experiences. The interview will last for 25-30 minutes.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Your past experience in the position.
  • Communication skills.
  • Organization and structure.


  • Make sure you properly research the company and its profile. The more you understand about their principles and values, the more you will be able to indulge them while interviewing.
  • Behavior questions are fundamental questions affected by the key skills against which all Intuit workers are evaluated. Team development and culture, innovation and outcomes, analytical thinking, and communication and persuasion are among them.

Interview Questions

  • Do you have experience leading sprint teams in product management?
  • How can you justify that you’ll be a good fit for a product manager?
  • What is an ideal work space for you like?
  • Can you work with people from different backgrounds and beliefs?
  • What was the last product you were in charge of?

The Take-Home Assignment

Intuit puts a significant value on their take-home assignment, which is possibly the most significant part of the interview process. During the take-home assignment stage, Intuit will email you a brief prompt in which you will be required to innovate solutions to a specific problem that a product manager may confront. The task has a time limit of two hours to be completed.

This assignment is purposefully open-ended and lacks structure, as Intuit is focused on testing creative thinking and the ability to tackle huge, ambiguous problems. The take-home project accounts for a significant chunk of the on-site interview, during which interviewers will urge you to delve deeper into your responses. Therefore, we recommend you give it all your effort.

Round 2


The second and the final round is the onsite interviews. You'll begin the day by presenting your take-home assignment work to a group of 4-5 Intuit product managers and senior executives. You will be requested to offer more detailed rationalizations for your decisions during this presentation like prioritization of features. The presentation will be extremely engaging, with members of the team interjecting to ask questions and dive down on individual figures. The presentation is the highlight of the Intuit PM interview, during which several team members will ask you questions customized to the interview, such as estimation, analytical, and product design questions.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Corporate ease.
  • Decision making.
  • Whether you can recognize possible risks and quantify them.
  • Estimation and analysis.
  • E-commerce growth metrics calculation.


  • Instead of broad generalizations provide specific and realistic replies. This provides the interviewer a good sense of your knowledge and avoids the perception that you are bypassing the subject.
  • This stage assesses your plan's impact, execution, leadership, scope, and technical depth. Make sure you have mastered all of your skills before you begin.
  • Prepare to delve deeper into questions that put you to the test. The interviewer will not be satisfied with a brief response and will expect you to demonstrate your competence in the topic.
  • Interviewers want to see how you deal with a problem in practical terms. Discuss how you intend to launch a product and how you intend to handle any challenges that may emerge. Consider whether you can re-engage clients who have given up on the product and are no longer using it.

Interview Questions

  • How should Intuit respond to a new competitor?
  • Create a data processing demo, a coin change (dynamic programming question), and technical data processing questions.
  • How can Intuit increase its reach in the software market?
  • Tell me about your EDI experiences. Can you tell me more about your previous experience with other software systems?
  • How would you calculate how many couches are sold in the USA?
  • How would you decide when and how to run a priced promotion?
  • Is  the Commerce tool a shopping cart application or an order management system?
  • Tell me about some cross-functional abilities you currently have or work with.
  • What are the criteria that you use to rank requirements?
  • Is there a project in your history that did not go as planned? If so, could you talk about the problems you faced and how you overcome them?
  • Tell me about a time you struggled as a product manager.
  • What would you do if you had A) Infinite resources to fix a global problem right now? B) Who will serve on your board of directors? and C) What are your observable goals for measuring success?

The Hiring and Decision Process

Following the on-site interview, the interviewers will discuss and evaluate your performance. They'll spend a significant amount of time discussing how you performed, the questions you asked, and the remarkable thoughts you provided.

If you are approved by the majority of interviewers, the recruiter will contact you within 2-3 business days and you will receive an offer letter within a week.