Frequently asked questions

What is expected of me for a practice interview session?

A mock interview or a practice interview session is 1 hour long.

In this session, candidates want a real-world simulation of an actual interview experience. This should include the conversational back-and-forth, the "challenges" and the "stresses" they'd face in a real interview environment.

Please reserve 5-10min to provide high level verbal feedback to the candidate at the end of the session.

After the session is completed, please fill out detailed written feedback for the candidate within 24 hours. We’ll trigger payment to you as soon as we receive the feedback.

Here’s a sample form for a mock interview session. You'll receive a customized link which you can access in each session's details. You'll also receive a reminder once the session is completed to fill this, but the button to this feedback form is going to be accessible in your session request link approximately 1 hour before the session starts.