Frequently asked questions

What happens if my candidate is a no-show, or does last-minute cancellation?

Once 20min have passed, you will be able to mark your candidate as a no-show. Please use the "Mark expert as no-show" button in your session page. This button can only be clicked within the session window.

Your candidate gets notified to join when you start marking them as a no-show. If they join in late - you only need to provide the remainder of the 60-min session for them. Very often, they might just be running a few minutes late; or have missed the timing - and this reminder can help bring them into the call immediately.

If a candidate doesn't show up even after 20-minutes, please feel free to drop off from the call.

If the candidate was just delayed for some reason, and they can join in for the remaining time, we'll email you right away and request you to join back in. In this scenario too, you're only expected to fulfil the remaining time in the 60-minute session.

If the candidate is indeed a no-show, we'll investigate to understand why they couldn't make it.

  • If it's something serious like a medical emergency, we might ask you to make an exception and support a reschedule. We expect this to happen extremely rarely, of course.
  • If there is no valid reason received from the candidate, and if you are operating at your standard price - you will receive 50% of the session cost for the no-show session, for time waited. There is no need to wait for the full hour; or to fill out written feedback for the candidate. This transfer is initiated within 72-hours of the no-show being reported.
  • However, if you are operating at a custom price point where you requested a higher rate - you will not be covered by Prepfully's no-show coverage. This is because Prepfully is unable to cover the risk of higher no-show rates and fees in the context of higher-rate sessions.
  • Finally - if you've previously been a no-show in a session yourself; or cancelled/rescheduled a session with relatively little notice - you are not covered by this policy and therefore won't receive the no-show fee.

Please let us know at if you have any questions or concerns.