Frequently asked questions

What happens if my candidate is a no-show?

Please notify us immediately if you don't see the other participant in the call - and do send us a screenshot of what the call looks like at your end. Most of the time, the candidate's trying to join but facing technical issues, which we can then help out with right away.

However, please don't stay in the call beyond 15 minutes - we don't want to waste your time more than necessary.

If the candidate was just delayed for some reason, and they can join in for the remaining time, we'll email you right away and request you to join back in. In this scenario, you're only expected to fulfil the remaining time in the 60-minute session.

If the candidate is indeed a no-show, we'll investigate to understand why they couldn't make it.

  • If it's something serious like a medical emergency, we might ask you to make an exception and support a reschedule. We expect this to happen extremely rarely, of course (it's occurred less than 5 times until today, across 1000s of sessions).
  • If there is no valid reason received from the candidate, we'll transfer half the session cost to you for the no-show session. In this scenario, there is no requirement for you to spend the full hour; or fill out written feedback for the candidate. This transfer is initiate within 72-hours of the scheduled session timing.

Please let us know at if you have any questions or concerns.