Frequently asked questions

How many sessions can I expect per month?

We cannot commit to a specific number of sessions.

This is because our request volumes vary widely depending on which companies are hiring - and this pattern changes over time.

We expect to reach out between 1 and 5 times per month, for most roles. We’ve seen up to 30 requests within a single week for specific roles though. And this is why we will always check with you to ensure you are available, before locking in a session; you always have the option to decline a session, and there is no consequence to declining (if you decline more than 6 sessions in a row, we might check-in to ask if you'd like us to keep reaching out; the last thing we want to do is spam you!)

PS - If you aren't available for a session, but are available at an alternative time instead - just let us know what works and we'll see if we can schedule something within that :)