Frequently asked questions

Is there any way I can get paid more?

We don't support this at the moment.

This is because we balance the amount candidates are willing to pay for practice/advice for different roles and companies with what a fair expectation from experts would be.

If you feel that your experience justifies a higher remuneration, please let us know. This helps us understand where we are possibly mis-pricing a session for a candidate, and will run a test to see if candidates can afford your price point.

We have tried this 15-20 times in the past, and (largely since we are still new and unknown), charging higher prices means our conversion drops to zero.

Please also note, if you operate on a different price point than our recommended pricing, then we will transfer the risk of refund requests to you. Our default prices are calibrated to ensure that if refund requests ever do occur, we at Prepfully are able to bear the load but still compensate experts for the time and effort they have invested. If you operate outside the calibrated price range, we will have to transfer refund requests to experts i.e. if a candidate requests a refund, we will have to issue it and will be unable to transfer payment for a session.

In all honesty - we are not trying to compete with your hourly salary (and don't think we will ever manage to). We hope that Prepfully can be a weekend project for our experts much like it is a weekend project for all of us building it; a chance to add value, mentor serious candidates - and turn your knowledge and experience into a side-gig :)