Frequently asked questions

Do I still get paid if the candidate demands a refund?

Refunds due to dissatisfaction with the session

Yes - for the first two times.

We will forward the feedback we received from the candidate to you, so you can incorporate it (where valid and/or viable) into future sessions.

However, after a refund is requested a second time; we will give you two choices for future sessions:

  • Option 1: The risk of refunds is transferred to you; i.e. if a candidate requests a refund - we will be unable to transfer payment for the session.
  • Option 2: We can pause reaching out to you for additional sessions after this point.

The choice will entirely be yours.

Refunds due to delayed written feedback

If the refund was requested since the candidate didn't receive written feedback (and therefore a "hiring decision" against which they could assess themselves) - you receive 50% of the promised amount.

Once this happens more than 3 times, we transfer the risk entirely to you i.e. we will be unable to transfer payment for a session where a refund was requested due to delayed written feedback.

Please don't let it reach this stage. A refund has only been requested once for this reason, in our entire existence. We'd really like to keep it this way :)