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  1. Format: PDF
  2. Length: within 2 pages
  3. Ensure that there are no typos
  4. Make the resume impact-focused
  5. Keep fonts and alignments consistent


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RefQuest and how does it work?

RefQuest is a platform that connects applicants to potential referrers from their target company. Submit your CV to our experts for review - if they like it, they’ll refer you!

Expedite your interview process at your target company by getting an interview in record time!

What if the referrer doesn’t like my CV?

Our experts have high standards. If they feel your CV has room for improvement - they have the option to leave feedback for you.

Of course, you can always connect with our recruiters from your target company as well!

Does my CV need to be in a given format?

Not really, every CV is unique. Our experts do have some basic requirements, please make sure to keep these in mind:

  • Only PDF resumes are acceptable
  • Keep the resume within 2 pages
  • Ensure there are no typos
  • Make the resume impact-focused, don’t just define your daily responsibilities

Does this program guarantee an interview?

Our network is super wide; but we can’t guarantee interviews since this depends on factors outside our control (eg. an internal recruiter’s assessment of your fit, the current state of hiring for a specific role, etc).

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