How would you improve the Google Calendar? - Google Associate Product Manager Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Associate Product Manager

8th December, 2022

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This is a Google Associate Product Manager mock interview. The question in focus is "How would you improve the Google Calendar?. Chapters
0:00 Intro
2:33 Tell me about an app you use on your mobile phone - what are some of the best parts about this app?
3:58 If you were working as a Google PM on a team handling Google Calendar, what would be some of the improvements you’d like to make? 11:35 How did you narrow down these user groups?
13:01 How would you decide which user group to focus on?
13:49 How would you solve this problem for professionals?
17:05 Which of these pain points you’ve listed is the biggest/most important to prioritize?
18:52 How would you validate that this is a problem worth solving?
20:32 What historical data would you use to get insights into the problem?
21:44 What would you try to build in the next couple of months, and how would you check it was working? How would you scale it up?
25:26 You have a month of dev time. How much do you think you can realistically get done?
27:05 How would you measure the success of this solution?
29:20 How would you define your north star metric?
30:43 Feedback 30:54 What went well
31:27 What could go better