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Do you find it difficult to manage your workload in your current position?

How would you define your team's vision? What would you do to gain buy-in?

When was one of the times that you assisted one of your colleagues outside of your responsibilities? How did things go?

Do you believe that HelloFresh is a good fit for you? Why is this the case?

Tell me about a time when you sacrificed a long term value to complete a short term task.

In a perfect world, what would you change about HelloFresh?

Tell me about a time you had to convince someone that an idea worked, and how you did it?

Think of a product you love. What would you do to make it better if you didn't face any engineering or financial limitations?

In a previous role where you had a lot of responsibilities, how did you deal with a challenge?

If you have ever made a decision that did not work out, what have you learned from it?

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