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Have you overseen the creation of a product from its conception to its release?

Tell me a piece of difficult feedback you received and how you handled it?

Program Management
Suppose you find a very critical bug in software on the day before its scheduled release date, how would you handle this situation?

Program Management
How would you manage risk for a program?

What would you do to manage the stakeholders' expectations and make sure the development team's productivity remains high?

If you were a Security TPM at, what are some of the major risks you'd need to guard against? Design a threat analysis framework.

Program Management
How would you prioritize if you only had the resources to complete six out of ten tasks you are allocated at

Talk about a time when you learnt something outside of work that helped you? How will it be helpful to you if you are a Technical Program Manager for

Can you share with me a time when you received difficult feedback?

Program Management
What is your approach for managing multiple cross-functional teams which are working together?

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