Uber Front-End Engineer Interview Guide

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The role of an Uber Front-End

The American company Uber Technologies, Inc. offers mobility as a service. It has operations in around 72 countries and 10,500 cities. It is centred in San Francisco.

Uber is a transportation firm with a mobile app that enables customers to request rides and drivers to collect payments for their services. Uber facilitates ridesharing by enrolling drivers as independent contractors. It is one of many services available today that support the sharing economy by offering a way to connect available resources rather than providing the actual resources themselves.

Front-End Engineers focus on designing, building, and optimizing a website or application. They also plan, strategize and structure the presentation of the platform.

The famous service-oriented organization, Uber hires front-end engineers to build digital/ data solutions and infrastructure.

You can apply for the Uber Front End Engineer job on the career page of Uber.com or get a credible internal employee to refer you through Prepfully's Company Referral service available here.

Role and Responsibilities of a Front-End Engineer at Uber

  • Create and implement platforms and services that directly affect Uber's clients and bottom line
  • Work together with product managers and other experts.
  • Encourage the use of cutting-edge software engineering techniques including continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.
  • Produce high-quality documentation and code to set as an example.

 Preferred Skills/Qualifications of a Front-End Engineer at Uber

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in engineering (e. g. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc.)
  • 4+ years of proven experience in designing & implementing platforms and services
  • Good knowledge of at least one programming language (Java, Go, C++) and basic knowledge of one or more of the following technologies: Kafka, NoSQL & relational databases, Redis, etc.

 Uber Front-End Engineer Salary

The average yearly compensation for an Uber Frontend Engineer is $159,263, including a basic salary of $123,571 and a bonus of $35,692.

Uber Front-End Interview Guide

The interview process for the Uber front-end engineer role consists of 4 stages:

  • Phone screen/Technical Screen
  • On-site Interview
  • Coding Interview
  • Behavioral Interview

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Phone Screen/Technical Screen Round


A coding exercise can be found on the phone's screen. As you continue to work, your interviewer will use HackerRank to read your programs. To solve the problems, you can use your preferred programming language. You might also need to explain your code if the interviewer is unfamiliar with the language being used for programming. The average length of each phone interview and in-person interview is 40 minutes.

Interview Questions

  • Do you have any prior knowledge of microservices?
  • Analyze the JavaScript provided and explain what it is doing.
  • What should you do if JavaScript performance problems arise?

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On-site Interview Round


There will be 4-6 face-to-face interviews conducted by Uber on-site all at once. You'll either be asked to use a whiteboard or HackerRank to tackle the challenges during the interview.

Each interview generally includes a discussion of prior job experiences for 5–10 minutes in addition to situational and behavioral interview questions. The last five to ten minutes are for you! Inquire about the job role from the interviewer. Ask detailed questions about the position you are looking for, the project or division, and additional details like the company's employee diversity and inclusivity policy.

Interview Questions

  • Tell us about a time when you overcame a problem by using your communication skills.
  • Tell me about the project you are working on that is the most intriguing and what you are learning from it.
  • Describe a period when you made it your mission to enhance internal working practices.
  • How do you set priorities while working on several projects at once?
  • If you disagree with a company policy or process but must follow it nonetheless, what will you do?
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Coding Interview Round


You will answer coding-related questions in this round. It lasts for an average of 45 minutes.

Interview Questions

  • You are given an array/list of unsorted ARR of N integers. Return the length of the longest consecutive sequence. The consecutive sentence in the form ['NUM', 'NUM' + 1, 'NUM' + 2, ..., 'NUM' + L], where 'NUM' is the starting integer of the sequence while L + 1 is the length of that sequence. If we find duplicates in the array, we will consider only one of them in a consecutive sequence. Like, for the given ARR [9,5,4,9,10,10,6], output = 3. Here, the longest consecutive sequence is 4, 5, and 6. Can you also solve this in 0(N) space complexity and 0(N) time?
  • A group of friends went on a trip and lent each other money for various purposes. The tuple (X, Y, Z) represents each transaction, i.e., person X gave person y $Z. Given a list of 'N' number of transactions, return the minimum number of transactions required to settle the debt.
  • Given a two-dimensional Boolean matrix, find the number of islands. An island is a group of connected 1s or a standalone 1. A cell in the matrix can be connected to up to 8 neighbors: 2 vertical, 2 horizontal, and 4 diagonal.

Behavioral Interview Round


Candidates are requested to provide concrete examples of occasions where they applied particular talents during the behavioral interview round. It is time to show how you can help this firm move forward.

Interview Questions

  • Which abilities do you believe Uber employees need to have the most?
  • Tell us about your advantages and disadvantages.
  • How do you handle a project life cycle?
  • What makes you a good fit for this job, in your opinion?
  • What were the three most disliked things in your past job?
  • Tell us about a time when you had to decide something despite having little knowledge.
  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed with office work? When and why?
  • Describe a time when you disagreed with a coworker at previous employment.
  • Tell us about the hardest decision you ever made at work.
  • What is your strategy to prioritize tasks if you are working on multiple projects?

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