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Hello, mentees!👋 I’m a Product Manager based in Berlin. Since 2016 I worked on an HR tool in a small start-up where I learned to build modules from scratch like Recruiting, then managed online food ordering mobile apps & ad-tech for food ordering platforms that I both enjoyed & struggled with building products for 20+ countries. Now I'm working in the FinTech space shaping the digital banking experience. My strengths as a PM - Running a product discovery process with various stakeholders - Creating product vision & strategy that is aligned with company goals - Defining success metrics and conducting regular data analysis - Creating empowered product & tech team culture - Running hiring interviews for Product & Design roles Besides, I'm a certified Transformational Coach and I enjoy career coaching if you resonate with the questions below: - Are you feeling dissatisfied in your current role? - Do you wonder what your alternative career options might be? - Do you consider a career transition but are not taking any action? - Do you face difficulties finding a new job or getting promoted? - Do you want a better work-life balance & get better at setting boundaries at work? - Do you have difficulties communicating with your manager/peers, managing a team, or building a new team culture? Feel free to connect with me! I'd love to share my knowledge and expertise to support you in your professional journey and help you achieve your career goals.


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