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Hey! I have 8 years of work experience across most prestigious firms across both product management, and strategy and management consulting across both established large firms as well as in high-growth unicorn startups. I've also completed my MBA from Wharton. Having gone through incredibly competitive interview processes several times myself, I know what it takes. I can specially help in understanding how to stand out, and creating a great impression on the interviewer. I also specialize in understanding how to ace an interview even without having an extensive background in that sector as I have successfully changed careers several times myself (eg from consulting to Product Management) and cracked everything from strategy case interviews to product case interviews. I can most help with product sense, product design, vision, strategy and behavioral questions. Further, I have always had a keen interest in mentoring others and helping interviewees and taken a active role in leading recruitment and interviewing efforts in my workplace, so I understand both ends of the table and can offer insights into what the interview panel may be looking for and thinking. I prefer to keep 45- minutes for the interview and the last 15-minutes for in-depth feedback. I am very thorough and detailed with my feedback, as I believe that's where most of the learning lies.


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