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I have more than a decade of experience in Software Engineering (and related practices) and I have been lucky enough to have worked with a bunch of great minds in the big tech giants. I have managed to crack Interviews for several MAANG companies (and even other big tech companies) and I have even worked for a few MAANG companies including Apple and Amazon. I have a good idea of what the big tech giants expect from you in Interviews and how you can crack those tricky tech interviews. I am crazy about Distributed systems and their paradigms and I have spent a lot of my career implementing several projects related to distributed systems. I have been an active mentor for several years. I am also an active educator on several platforms on topics such as System Design, DSA, Distributed tech, Backend tech, and Cloud technologies. I've interacted with 100s of learners (and counting) and helped them excel in their careers and in their job hunt journey. As an educator, I've launched a crash course on AWS and I also help out folks on topics like DSA and System Design for tech Interview prep on several platforms. With a proven track record of helping several learners crack their dream jobs, I can guarantee you the learnings and feedback from the session in order to grow in your career or crack that important interview. I look forward to talking to you.


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