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Hey everyone - I have roughly 12 years of Software Engineering experience. I have worked across small companies in Brazil for about 5 years, then spent 5 years at AWS where I was promoted in my second year. At AWS, I interviewed 100+ candidates, and in my last 6 months there, I completed training for Bar Raiser (an internal Amazon program for skilled interviewers who undergo lengthy training after being nominated and accepted into the program), leading about 30 debriefs. I then moved to Chime as a Senior Engineer, where I'm currently working and continue to be involved in interviewing. I really enjoy coaching candidates who want to stand out, and I think I add the most value in technical questions and behavioural questions for Software Engineers up to the Senior level. I've been in 150+ debrief discussions from entry-level positions all the way to senior roles, so I know what it takes. I try to keep 45 minutes of proper interview simulation and 15 minutes for verbal feedback, although I'm happy to accommodate changes and preferences, which we can discuss at the start of the session.


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