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I am a seasoned technology leader with over 25+ years of hands-on experience. Currently, I hold the position of Executive Director, Chief of Staff JP Morgan Chase. In this role, I lead the Cross Product Management and Engagement functions, overseeing critical products in Big Data platform. My approach is deeply customer-centric, and I've successfully driven various zero-to-one and incremental product improvements, navigating complex initiatives in Real-Time Streaming, structured file ingestions, and data quality. Previously I served as a Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon. There, I played a pivotal role in driving high-profile programs for Alexa's AI/ML-based Dialog Management Platform. My achievements include increasing Conversation traffic tenfold year-over-year, migrating over 15,000 Alexa Skills to a new platform, and modernizing AI/ML components. My extensive career also includes leadership roles at Electronic Arts, where I directed strategic planning and engagement for the Digital Platform portfolio, and Touchtunes Interactive, where I served as a Software Engineering Manager, contributing to innovative projects such as a mobile application for Digital Jukeboxes. I hold an Executive MBA from Concordia University, a Diploma of Collegiate Studies in Computer Science, and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am also a patent holder and have made notable contributions to open-source projects, showcasing my commitment to innovation in the technology landscape. I enjoy helping candidates in behavioral and technical interviews in product management, program management, and leadership roles in product, program, and engineering. I help them breaking their communication barriers and telling their stories in a memorable way.


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