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I have 6+ years of experience in the Software Industry across multiple companies in silicon valley, Bay Area, and 3+ years of experience coaching candidates with competitive coding, system design and behavioral interviews. In past, I have cleared companies like Google, Pinterest, Uber, Snap, Nuro, Apple, Adobe, Intuit, VMware, ByteDance, Palo Alto Networks, DocuSign, etc for different levels ranging from L3 - L6 (Senior/Staff) through which I very well understand patterns and structures of interviews with most companies. The biggest advantage of coaching with me is that I take a very ground-level unbiased approach towards the candidate and provide very realistic achievable instructions/direction in terms of how to improve your performance with time. Since I struggled with competitive coding as well in my initial years and ultimately had to self-teach everything I can understand areas where most people will struggle or get blocked. Looking forward to connecting with you.


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