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Hi there! I have around 8 years of experience as a data engineer. Currently working with Uber, Bangalore. I am certified interviewer at Uber and personally interviewed for many other tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, Meta London, Apple, Airbnb, ByteDance Dubai, Grab Singapore, Careem Dubai, Agoda Bangkok, Atlassian, Adobe, Expedia, MakeMyTrip, etc. Experience working with organisations like Walmart, Uber, Dunnhumby in the past. Also got offers from Apple, Adobe and Paytm. I enjoy coaching candidates and can add value in Data engineering mock interviews for entry-mid level positions. The mock interviews that I can help with can be around DSA, SQL, Spark concepts, Big data, Data modelling, Data Architecture and Behavioural rounds. Happy to help with both written and verbal feedback as per candidate's preference.


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