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Hello everyone, I bring over a decade of experience in Front-End Engineering and Leadership, having worked with esteemed companies like Rippling, Amazon, Adobe, Dataweave and Opentext. Over the years, I've been fortunate to receive offers from renowned organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Intuit, VMware, and LinkedIn. In addition to my professional roles, I've also contributed as an educator at Relevel and served as an interviewer on platforms like InterviewVector. One of my passions lies in coaching candidates, and I believe I make the most impact in areas such as data structures, JavaScript coding, machine coding, system design, behavioural interviews and negotiation skills. Whether you're a fresher, mid-senior, senior, or staff-level candidate aiming to excel, I'm here to assist you. Throughout my career, I've conducted over 200 interviews and helped many candidates to excel in their career in front end, providing me with valuable insights into what it takes to succeed. I typically allocate 50 minutes for a comprehensive interview simulation, followed by an additional 10 minutes for verbal feedback. During this time, I'm happy to share my experiences and offer guidance on essential preparations for Front-End Engineering interviews. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to leverage my expertise and experience to enhance your interview performance.


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