Applied Scientist at Amazon, ex American Express


Hey there 👋 ! I am an Applied Scientist at AWS with over 6 years of experience in the ML, NLP, Econometrics, and Optimization domains. Applied Science is a unique role at Amazon where you get to blend Science and Software Engineering skills, in a way that best suits your background. In addition to technical mentorship, I find joy in sharing insights on navigating the negotiation process to maximize the Total Compensation (TC). Over the years I’ve collated resources that helped me maximize my TC, and 2x(if not more) the TC of numerous other mentees. Reach out to know more about Applied Science, and other science roles at Amazon. I take mock interviews on ML breadth / depth, Coding, ML design, and behavioral interviews (specifically for science folks), and tips on negotiating TC. If you're ready to elevate your career and financial trajectory, let's embark on this journey together. 🚀🚀


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