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I have over 13 years of PM experience, ~6 of that at FB/Meta where I grew from an IC5 to GPM, ~3 years as Senior Director of Product Management at Affirm where I managed large teams and setup our interview process, and 6 additional years in various Product Management roles. At Meta, I conducted over 200 interviews, ran a program to help PMMs and Partnership functions transfer into Product Management, ran interview training sessions for other PMs, as well as led countless calibrations and promo committee discussions. I have conducted over 250 mocks, helped countless people elevate their levels when changing jobs, and helped equally as many people convert from other functions into PM. I can add value across Product Sense, Execution, Analytical and Behavioral. My experience spans Marketplaces, Commerce, Ads, and Consumer offerings across FB, Instagram, Messenger and more. Regarding our session: Everyone has different needs to I will cater to what you specifically need. A general model I have found that works is ~40minutes of interview to simulate the actual experience and ~20minutes of feedback and Q&A. I have been fortunate to have received offers from the Googles/FB/Apple of the world to Doordash/Lyft/Affirm and more. I'm excited to help you land your dream job!


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