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I'm a seasoned leader with close to a decade of experience shaping the tech industry. I had the privilege of leading and innovating at renowned companies like Google and Meta. Throughout my journey, I not only honed my skills as a Senior Technical Program Manager but also served as a mentor to catalyze the growth of individuals within my teams. Having guided and inspired a substantial number of individuals, I take pride in the direct contributions I made to their career trajectories. My journey has been marked by pivotal achievements. These include breaking industry barriers by mitigating risk while taking on huge challenges that others avoid. I merge technical prowess with strategic leadership. Through nearly a hundred interviews, I have gathered a profound understanding of the end-to-end interview process and positive attributes that resonate with industry giants. What truly sets me apart is my knack for delving into an individual's professional experiences, unearthing their valuable insights, and helping them articulate their journey in a compelling manner during interviews. I believe in translating one's growth story into meaningful responses. This creates a dialogue that resonates with interviewers and leaves a lasting impression. Let's collaborate to elevate your career aspirations and leverage my extensive experience to drive your success in the competitive tech landscape.


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