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I have approximately 2 years of experience in software engineering and leadership roles, with a background in working at both TikTok and Alibaba. Throughout my career, I have found immense satisfaction in coaching candidates, and I believe my expertise shines in conducting mock interviews in coding, algorithms, behavioral assessments, and system design. I have conducted over 30 interviews, both real and practice sessions, which has given me a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in tech interviews. In addition, I have completed 1000 LeetCode problems and interviewed with nearly all major tech companies, resulting in 10+ job offers. Furthermore, I possess extensive experience in career planning and job seeking strategies. I have assisted more than 10 individuals in crafting their career paths and successfully securing job offers. My expertise spans various aspects, including mock interviews, career planning, resume editing, and more. I am particularly well-versed in guiding students through their educational journey, offering assistance from course selection to interview preparation and even negotiation during the job offer phase. Feel free to reach out to me for support in any of these areas.


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