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Seasoned Senior Data Engineer with extensive experience in designing and implementing scalable data platforms. I've had the privilege of leading pivotal engineering projects with technology companies in both financial and cloud computing sectors. LinkedIn: At TikTok Inc Singapore, I launched Bytehouse Cloud, a groundbreaking SaaS and PaaS solution for data warehousing. I spearheaded the design and implementation of a highly efficient data connector and orchestrated real-time data loading pipelines with streaming SQL. My expertise encompasses a wide range of technologies including Scala, Python, Java, Kubernetes, Apache Parquet, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and Apache Spark, allowing me to architect robust data ingestion and real-time processing pipelines. My main cloud expertise is mostly with Google Cloud (GCP) Data Infrastructure such as GCS, BigQuery, DataFlow, and Cloud Composer. My career is marked by a commitment to innovation, excellence in building feature stores for risk models, orchestrating job schedulers, and implementing resource-usage metering systems, all of which have driven significant advancements in data processing and analytics. At Arta Finance, I spearheaded the development of a near real-time market data analytics platform and equities analytics job by integrating real-time data feeds into a dynamic data lake, significantly reducing latency to under 600ms for end-user applications. I used my Google Cloud expertise to design data lake and data platform that is scalable, observable and cost efficient.


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