Software Engineering Manager at ADP, ex-Zendesk.


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With a strong engineering background and over 12 years of experience in the European tech market, I have excelled in senior engineering leadership roles, building teams and large enterprise products across multiple countries. Over 8 years of leading and overseeing a substantial engineering organization, I have managed multiple Engineering Managers and teams of up to ~35 talented individuals, building large scale software solutions. My expertise extends beyond leadership. My engineering focus centers on creating reusable, scalable, and reliable engineering solutions that deliver value to customers, organizations, and engineers alike. I have been instrumental in establishing standardized and scalable processes to empower my teams, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Consistently, I have assembled high-performing engineering organizations. My approach emphasizes transparency, empowerment, guidance, and trust, enabling my teams to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes for both our customers and the business. An analytical mindset and a commitment to data-driven decision-making are at the core of my leadership style. I proactively analyze team dynamics, understand business needs, and monitor performance by leveraging data and metrics. This enables me to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to ensure quality, performance, and scalability. In addition to my accomplishments in established organizations, I have also ventured into the startup landscape, contributing my skills and knowledge to two startups and founding two ventures of my own. This hands-on experience has honed my ability to navigate dynamic environments, adapt quickly, and drive impactful results. My comprehensive background in engineering, coupled with my track record of accomplishments, positions me as a valuable asset capable of driving technological innovation, fostering growth, and delivering successful outcomes.


Engineering Manager


Engineering Manager


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