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After a successful PM career shipping many impactful products and leading high performance teams at tech companies including Google and Meta, I now work full-time as an executive coach. My focus is helping PMs and PM managers to thrive in their roles and accelerate their careers. Since starting my coaching practice in 2020 I have supported over 100 PMs and PM leaders. If you are interviewing or preparing for PM interviews, either as a current PM or someone pivoting into PM, I can help you to strengthen your answers and increase your chances of success. I will give you an honest assessment of where you have room to improve, and give you actionable, specific feedback to help you progress. I prefer not to focus on the well-publicised frameworks for tackling product questions — these are perhaps helpful for junior candidates but for everyone else they are typically not a good idea as very few interviewers are impressed by them. We will work on real questions and you will learn how to answer effectively without using an obvious framework. I can help with all aspects of PM interviewing: * Product design * Analytical / execution * Product strategy * Behavioural and leadership


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