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TLDR; I have six years of experience guiding and mentoring 100s of candidates in preparing for their upcoming and seemingly nerve-wracking interviews in the areas of technical programming/coding rounds, product & data analyst rounds, machine learning and statistics rounds, and even advice on how to ace an interview. Something about myself - I have donned multiple hats - I started as a software engineer, transitioned to a data scientist, and then as a machine learning engineer at Microsoft, all in a span of 3 years. At Microsoft, I interviewed around 80 candidates for the roles of software engineering intern, software developer, senior software engineer, machine learning engineer, and data & applied scientist. I am currently a Ph.D. student at MIT in the area of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics. I completed my master's & bachelor's from top CS universities in India. Apart from technical and coding interviews, I also offer advice on cracking Ph.D. and MS admissions at the most competitive programs in the world. I also keep open and free 1on1 sessions for underrepresented and marginalized groups, but to respect my time and manage requests practically, I charge a nominal fee for all my sessions. How you benefit - I am fluent in English and in communication, and the session would be a real-time mock of an actual interview. You decide if we want to keep our video cameras on (I am happy to accommodate either way). I will be cordial and friendly but will also try to challenge you and put you under pressure to prepare you to ace an actual interview. I also provide detailed written feedback on the questions that we discussed, how your answers could be improved, and the resources where you could practice more questions. I also tailor my questions according to your requests/asks so that you experience something different than what you could have experienced yourself online. Looking forward to meeting you. Although it has never happened before, if you feel that my services didn't meet your expectations, please feel free to write to Prepfully explaining the situation, and I will forgo my session charges (or adjust them to an appropriate amount) for the quality of the session.


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