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The role of a Facebook Product Manager

Product management is a job role that entails working on product creation and marketing with the primary goal of increasing sales, profits, and profit margins. A PM is in charge of assessing market dynamics, supervising product development, and determining the product's features. The amount of decision-making that a PM has to make complicates his or her job. This is one of the reasons the interviews are difficult since they cover a broad range of subjects and include a variety of questions.

The following interview guide will discuss the process of interviewing for a Product Manager at Facebook, providing you with all of the requisite tips and sample questions to give you an advantage.

Interview Guide

Facebook, much like other FAANG firms, has a rigorous interview process in place to ensure that it hires the best of the best. Product Sense, Execution, and Leadership & Drive are the three constructs where Facebook is searching for people who succeed.

Product Sense

Here, questions could revolve around a product you think is great, why you think it is great, and what you would do if you were the PM or CEO of that business. Looking at a current Facebook product like Groups, Events, or Birthdays and finding out how you'd evolve it is another topic that might come up in this interview. 

In most cases, the questions in Product Sense would lead you to design a product in an open-ended space without requiring you to mention Facebook in any way.

Product Execution

This is a very analytical part of the interview with a lot of metrics and KPIs. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is a data-driven company. With the vast amount of data available to Facebook, product managers should be able to use data to make decisions. You should anticipate questions about how you find and prioritize opportunities, as well as how you deliver on them to create goods, in your execution interview. This interview will concentrate on how you interpret a collection of constraints and problems to come up with the best set of metrics for determining performance.

Leadership and Drive

Interviewers will concentrate on learning how you inspire a team, drive cohesion, create partnerships, and collaborate with others during your leadership & drive interview. The leadership & drive interview focuses on interpersonal questions about how you've interacted with others in the past, while the product sense and execution interviews use hypothetical scenarios.

 The interview process generally takes 4 to 8 weeks, from the point you send your application to receiving your offer letter. The process consists of the following steps:

  • A phone screen interview with a recruiter
  • Phone screen interviews with current PMs
  • On-site interviews 

Round 1


A phone screen interview with a recruiter or hiring manager is most likely going to be the first step in the process. The interviewer will ask you questions based on your resume and cover letter, and it will usually be quite relaxed. You should prepare to be asked about your past experiences, as well as behavioral questions. Communication is vital in this case. If you are someone who's really preparing to become a product manager, you should be able to ace it.

What the interviewer will assess

  • What do you intend to develop from the role as a candidate?
  • Your background and past experiences.


  • Facebook wants its candidates to be well-prepared so that they can present their best ideas. So, be ready for in-depth discussions.
  • Keep your previous work on hand so that you can tackle the topic as it arises.
  • Make a strong case on why you want to work for Facebook and how you can succeed there.

Interview Questions

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?
  • Describe the attributes that you believe qualify you for this role.

Round 2


If you make your way through the first interview, the recruiter will further help you to set up an interview with a current Facebook Product Manager. One of the greatest things about Facebook is how open they are about their hiring process. As a side benefit, your HR contact will walk you through the types of questions interviewers will ask in subsequent rounds and will also provide you with a helpful PDF called ‘Life at Facebook, Product Manager Interview Guide’. Some highlights are:

  • This round will consist of two interviews.
  • Each round will roughly be 45 mins.
  • Normally, you will have one Product Sense interview and one Product Execution interview.
  • There is a possibility that you are provided with a written case with a week to work on it.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Skills in product design and strategy
  • Skills in data analysis and prioritization


  • The first and most important thing to do is to read the PDF provided by your recruiter.
  • The interviewer is paying attention to how you determine who you're going to create for and what their needs are, thus, you should demonstrate that you are enamored with the consumer.
  • Facebook is looking for people who can think on a large scale. Their services are used by billions of people. The organization can't afford to invest in niche-specific product features. As a result, when answering interview questions, keep a broad perspective in mind and consider a large audience as your target.

Interview Questions

  • How can you improve a Facebook app or any other product?
  • What improvements will you make to Facebook groups?
  • Tell me about a time you've worked with someone difficult.
  • What are your ideas for monetizing the Facebook marketplace?
  • Facebook is having trouble with ‘Facebook events’. What would you do to turn things around?
  • Tell me about a difficult team to work with.
  • What methods will you use to assess and boost engagement?

It's important to remember that all of your interviews, including phone interviews, are factored into your final hiring decision.

Round 3


The final on-site interview follows the phone interview. An on-site interview usually consists of three rounds: one for product sense, one for execution, one for leadership and drive along with two-three XFN interviews. You'll be asked questions about how you collaborate with partner teams and to share examples of successful cross-functional work you've done in the past. These interviews will encourage you to delve into your past experiences in greater depth.

Also, If your application has piqued the attention of a specific team, you might be invited to an interview with a hiring manager from that team, as well as additional team-specific interviews.

What the interviewer will assess

  • If you can transform large, ambiguous problems into goods that people enjoy.
  • If you make deliberate design decisions as you progress from issue to product.
  • How you react and work your way through situational and behavioral questions.
  • Your comprehension of the firm.
  • If you have a well-considered viewpoint?
  • Facebook isn't looking for you to simply discuss a possible solution. They want to see you start production.


  • Be extremely familiar with Facebook’s products. This will come in helpful when you’re challenged on how you might improve them.
  • Be on top of all your Product craft and skills. Facebook will dig very deeply into different perspectives to understand how you’d apply them to real world situations.
  • Facebook will ask you questions in the following categories: behavioral, architecture, policy, estimate, and metrics. You will develop good interview habits by approaching each question with a predetermined process.
  • You can also practice with skilled PM interviewers, as they would be able to provide you with much more insightful input. It's awesome if you know a Product Manager who can assist you. If not, prepfully has a large number of Facebook PM experts who can help you with this.

Interview Questions

Product Sense, Product Execution, and Behavioral and Leadership questions are the three main types of concerns. Each category's questions are mentioned below.

Product Sense

  • Create a Facebook-based social travel product.
  • Create a cheese-selling product.
  • Create a product that allows Facebook users to find a doctor.
  • Is it time for Facebook to join the dating and employment markets?
  • What should Facebook's next step be?
  • What would you launch in the next Apple iOS update if you were the Product Manager?

Product Execution

  • If you were the Facebook Live Product Manager, what features would you prioritize?
  • What do you do if your Facebook ad revenue has fallen by 20%?
  • How can you set targets for Facebook notifications and assess their success?
  • How would you rate posts if you were the Facebook newsfeed PM?
  • Would you use SpaceX to launch global air travel if Elon Musk found you and appointed you as the next GM?
  • How can you set targets for Facebook live and assess its success?

Behavioral and Leadership Questions

  • If you were the Facebook Live Product Manager, what features would you prioritize?
  • Instead of blaming external factors, how could you have avoided failure in the past?
  • Are you conscious of your flaws? Are you eager to learn and develop?
  • Are you capable of adapting your leadership style to different circumstances, communicating, and resolving conflicts?
  • Tell us about a time when you didn't have the means to complete a task but somehow managed to complete it.
  • Whether or not you were told it was your dilemma to fix, how have you approached and resolved a difficult situation?

You could be asked to redo a single interview for product sense or execution if the signal from one of your interviews is highly positive but the signal from another interview does not quite reach the bar. Don't be concerned if this occurs. The new interviewer will not be seeing what went wrong in the previous interview, because this is a new opportunity.

Nothing compares to a Real-life practice session!

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The decision and hiring process

Senior executives from around Facebook are on the recruiting committee. They'll go through the interviews and make a final decision based on all of the information they've gathered about you during the process. Each interviewer can include a recommendation to hire or not hire, as well as a high or low confidence level. They will also share any notes they have that help their decision-making. A single person will compile all of the input from all of the interviews and can suggest re-interviews if necessary, or make a hire/no-hire decision. The committee also determines your skill level and, as a result, your pay.


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