Frequently asked questions

How do I get a higher remuneration than suggested by Prepfully?

We balance the amount candidates are willing to pay for practice/advice for different roles and companies with what a fair expectation from experts would be.

In case you feel that your experience justifies a higher remuneration, please let us know and we will evaluate your case on a special basis. We may ask you to establish your claim through a skill test/interview. Please do note that any special pricing will like reduce the number of candidates you receive requests from.

Please also note, if you operate on a higher price point than our recommended pricing, then we will transfer the risk of refund requests to you. Our default prices are carefully calibrated to ensure that if refund requests ever do occur, we at Prepfully are able to bear the load but still compensate experts for the time and effort they have invested. If you operate outside the calibrated price range, we will have to transfer refund requests to experts i.e. if a candidate requests a refund, we will have to issue it and will be unable to transfer payment for a session.