Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cancellation / refund policy?

    Prepfully offers a comprehensive cancellation and refund policy for Interview Packages.
    For any queries, please reach out at


    • If you cancel before the package starts, you get a full refund as long as you let us know 48 hours in advance - after this, the first session will be charged.
    • If you cancel mid-package, all unused sessions are refunded.
    • If cancellation is requested by you, we issue the refund minus PayPal's transfer fees (which are usually ~5% of the transaction value)

    Special refund:

    • If you complete the package but unfortunately don’t get an offer, we refund 20% of the package amount. We’ll need you to forward an email from your target company confirming that you didn’t receive an offer.

    Here’s an example to demonstrate:
    Data Engineer, Facebook. 5 session package for 750 USD

    You will receive refund in the following scenarios:

    • If you cancel entire package, you will receive full refund of 750 USD, minus PayPal's transfer fees.
    • If you have completed 3 sessions, and decide to cancel (for any reason at all) - you’ll receive a refund of USD 300 (2 sessions @ 150 USD each), minus PayPal's transfer fees.
    • If you have completed all sessions of the package, but don’t receive an offer - send across the email from your recruiter and we’ll refund 20% of the package cost.