Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from an Interview Package?

The Prepfully Interview Package is a series of sessions between you and the expert, to mentor you through all stages of your interview journey, and make sure you’re fully prepped to ace every step of the process.
The number, duration and content of the sessions is curated for the target company and role. For instance, PM roles generally require 5 sessions. Software engineering candidates often take up to 7 sessions to ensure they get the coding practice they need.
The first session is usually a diagnostic practice interview, followed by sessions specially designed to focus on your requirement. Based on expert evaluation and your needs, the following sessions could be practice interviews, expert advice, focus sessions or a combination of these.
To ensure that you have expert support throughout the process, we set up a Slack channel so that you can get in touch for resolution of any quick queries. Just request you to keep in mind the time zones, and remember, this helpline is only for really important stuff:)